Is This The Crisis We Were Looking For?

Love the Cover Image Colour Litho by Kinuko Y Craft ©.
  • Due to COVID-19, we have got a chance to make SOPs, set guidelines and enforce safer workplace conditions.
  • Online business could rethink their strategy and improve their customer service.
  • Government could rethink their strategy and execution regarding public health and mass education.
  • Government could collect more data regarding people living under poverty line, in order to formulate a better plan to provide them with food, shelter and jobs.
  • The data of our industries collected during these days could help us take new initiatives for R&D and industry-academia collaborations. Along with other manufacturing options to achieve local production of health care products meeting global standards.
  • Develop a political consensus. (I know I am asking too much here)
  • Take a much broader outlook in the country’s Foreign Policy as indicated by PM’s appeal for relief to developing nations and address on World Economic Forum.
  • Jungle Jobs to fight climate change and meet the target of planting 1 Billion trees.
  • Using locally manufactured drones for pest control.
  • Revamping PIA and Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority to abide by stringent quality and safety regulations at par with Global standards.
  • This could also be an excellent time for Govt. of Pakistan to find good negotiators because we are apparently involved in many international cases.




Co-founder at Deodar Design. Experimenting & exploring ways to live a better yet simple life.

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Muhammad Anas

Muhammad Anas

Co-founder at Deodar Design. Experimenting & exploring ways to live a better yet simple life.

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